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National Day of Reason

On May 3, 2012 representatives of Panhandle Humanists, WTAMU's Secular Student Alliance and Freethought Oasis gathered to celebrate the National Day of Reason. Celebrating the National Day of Reason is an act of rebellion against the fanciful and unconstitutional National Day of Prayer, which officially takes place on the same day.

Instead of attempting to escape reality through prayer, local Freethinkers chose to surround themselves with a beautiful spectacle of reality in the form of Palo Duro Canyon. As food and drink were shared, conversations leapt from education to politics to geology and even philosophy.

Amidst the geological strata of an Earth far older than some would have us believe, the soil of reason was tilled a bit longer and with dear friends.

Quote of the Day

Science with religion is lame; religion without science is blind. Science without religion is useful, religion with science is useless. - Albert Einstein