About Us

Freethought Oasis provides community and connection for agnostics, atheists, skeptics, secularists, and freethinkers in Amarillo, the Texas panhandle, and the surrounding area.

Mission Statement

Freethought Oasis is a social organization dedicated to empowering members of our community to live fuller lives by promoting curiosity and reason above faith and religious dogma.

We seek to increase our effectiveness and visibility by actively fostering communication with those who may also feel the unique pressures of maintaining a secular worldview while living in the American Bible-Belt.

Organized Summer 2009

After finding her own oasis from Catholicism, on May 20th, 2009, Funnybroad funded and organized the "Panhandle Pastafarians", via Meetup.com as a way to meet with and befriend like-minded individuals in Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding area. While this group was not founded with the intention of becoming "activists" of any kind, it quickly became apparent to us that there were, perhaps, many more Freethinkers in our area who could benefit from the experience of knowing they were not alone.  The Panhandle Pastafarians soon expanded to become Freethought Oasis which became incorporated as a non-profit organization in June 2010.  The Internal Revenue Service declared Freethought Oasis as a tax exempt, 501(c)3, organization on May 10, 2011  Please join us in our mission and become a member today.


We Welcome All Rational Humans

Superstition, "New Age" books, Chiropractors and religion; you don't have to look far in the Texas panhandle before being confronted with the stewards of irrationality.

For those of you who feel the pressure of those around you to accept such ideas yet courageously choose to press on with the sovereignty of your own minds, this website is dedicated to you.

Let this be a place where ideas may be judged on their own merits, with their success or failure to be determined by the highest of human virtues: Reason.
For those of you who may have found this oasis and are simply curious about the ideas of others, welcome. Even if you do go to church every week, or read "New Age" books, or never miss an appointment with your Chiropractor, feel free to visit us here and share your ideas as well.

A word of warning, however:  We of the Freethought Oasis believe strongly in being respectful of our fellow human beings, even if we have strong disagreements. Personal attacks, no matter the target, will not be tolerated. When reason is willfully discarded the only method people have left to deal with one another is force. We take this dictum seriously and we expect all who visit us here to as well.

Everyone responsible for maintaining this website live and work right here in the Texas panhandle. We value our community and seek only to remind others like ourselves that they are not alone. We have all experienced first hand the stress living in such a religious part of the country can cause and we sympathize with all of you who struggle against it.

-Jamie Farren



501(c)(3) Documentation

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